1click Capital A new financial crisis solution


New Delhi (India), April 16: It has been a long idle road for the majority of the SME and MSME sectors since the pandemic hit. The recovery does not yet seem to be beginning. The struggle to cover expenses such as electricity bills, rent, property, water taxes and internet fees has grown alongside that of paying employees’ salaries. An estimated 12.2 crore Indians lost their jobs during the lockdown in the summer of 2020 alone. As more and more companies began to collapse one after another during the same period, it became difficult for banks to grant their loans without prior networks. The oldest and most powerful companies did not have this fear. So, to bridge the credit gap in this vast industry, a new company has paved the way. 1click Capital will solve this financial problem when it comes to paying employees. It is a multi-specialty fintech company that offers easy loans to employees and organizations.

Their premium services involve 1click Payroll where any organization or company can register and collect salaries from all their employees together. And, 1click Salary Advance where employees can receive advance salaries at any time. In the absence of CIBIL, limited paperwork, flexible payment options, and a faster process, 1-Click Capital seems to solve all the problems. “Our long journey in the financial industry gave birth to this idea,” says Harit (CEO and Managing Director). Its vision is to be among the best fintech companies in the world, with a valuation of around 1000 crores in less than 3 years. They’ve partnered with over 400 companies and around 3,750 individuals that we’ve funded seamlessly. Their head offices are in Delhi and Gurugram with a head office in Mumbai.


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