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2021 has been marked by unpredictability. If in the beginning we hoped that we would “return to normal” in a few weeks, in the end we were sure that the “old normal” would not return, and that even “the new normal” is a transitory concept.

As the notion of privacy continues to evolve in the face of technology that increasingly personalizes our lives, important questions arise about our financial data as consumers.

Who owns the data, the user or the institution that holds it? Which entities should be authorized to access it, and under what conditions? How is this data protected and who is liable in the event of a breach? How can data be used to help consumers in ways not previously available? And so many others.

For an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing financial data space, Tearsheet has collected opinion and decision-maker predictions from some of the major players in the space. We asked: what have been the main trends in financial data over the past year? How will these trends continue in 2022? And what new trends can we expect in the coming year?

To download the latest report from Tearsheet and MX to read top 20 trend predictions for financial data for this new year directly from the leaders of industry players such as FICO, ForwardAI, Ocrolus, Kyriba, TreviPay, Glean and many more.

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