Can cryptocurrency save a financial crisis?


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Human nature always yearns for more, and the capitalist essence of our economy is designed in such a way that to facilitate this constant growth, we continue to accumulate debt. This happens more during a “growth market” in which companies often overestimate their ability to repay their loans. A stock market crash and, therefore, a financial crisis occurs when the accumulation of this debt is no longer sustainable and everything collapses like a house of cards. A rapid sequence of sell-offs can cause asset prices to fall

or more savings withdrawals. If people do not react, the crisis can lead to economic recession or depression.

The vast majority of experts base their negative outlook for 2022 on the tightening of monetary policy and the subsequent hike in the key rate in the United States. With the onset of the pandemic, the Federal Reserve launched the so-called Quantitative Easing (QE) program – it started pumping money into the US economy to stimulate growth. By obtaining more liquidity, banks have the opportunity to issue more loans, which ultimately “launch” the economic life of the country.

However, now that the US economy has recovered from the lockdown, the Fed has decided to gradually exit the program and raise the key rate to fight inflation, a “side effect” of quantitative easing. Gold has long been considered a “safer asset” in times of economic shocks. Bitcoin has long been referred to as “digital gold” for many reasons. Although Bitcoin intends to become a “digital currency”, it is also exceptionally effective as a store of value. It has several characteristics similar to gold, such as scarcity (max – 21 million BTC) and durability (gold does not rust or corrode, and Bitcoin cannot be destroyed or altered even if Internet is disappearing. Both can stand the test of time without damaging their composition)

In addition, Bitcoin has properties that gold does not have: storage (Bitcoin is digital, gold is physical. It is extremely easy to store Bitcoin while storing gold is not easy ), security, divisibility (although gold can be divided, it cannot be divided easily and with great precision).

On the other hand, bitcoin can be easily divided up to 8 decimal places), limited (BTC is limited, but gold can still be mined). Also, unlike gold, you can pay with Bitcoin in many places. Considering all the points mentioned above, one could argue that Bitcoin will be just as good, if not better, than gold when we enter troubled times. Cryptocurrencies are unlikely to end the impending financial crisis, but they will help you save and even increase your savings. Already today, most institutional investors invest their assets in the most promising niche of cryptocurrencies – mining.

There is an opinion that cryptocurrency mining is only for the rich – this is partly true because it will take a lot of time, money and effort to equip a profitable mining center. What should everyone do in such a case? You can buy cryptocurrency and keep it in your account, or you can invest in cloud mining.

Cloud mining is a type of mining when an investor rents the capacity of a large mining farm online. It is enough to conclude a contract with a company and start earning the first cryptocurrency. This mining method is available to everyone, all you need is internet access.

GreenHashes introduces the next generation of cloud mining services. Cloud mining revenue is accrued daily using an automatic payout system. The presence of regular payouts, a variety of mining packages and an easy-to-use interface provide users with stable and passive income – one of the best savings options in times of crisis.

The platform is suitable for both novice investors and professional investors. Each user has the opportunity to control their profits around the clock, and the company at this time takes care of all concerns to ensure safety and smooth operation. Check out the referral campaign to increase overall income and share this great opportunity with your friends.

To start, just create an account on the site and choose one of the contracts.

The platform also offers the possibility of purchasing discounted packages as part of the purchase of new equipment. With the gradual introduction of new equipment into the system, activation will occur automatically within 2 weeks.

Due to the large amount of equipment, the company decided to gradually introduce the system. In this regard, you can buy the desired package at a discount today!

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice.


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