CEO on lessons from the 2008 financial crisis


“What we’re looking to do is turn that into a more formal network, with our Omnia product, but getting select members from mortgage companies, banks, operations managers…to create forums to talk about upcoming new laws or trends in essay. I’ve seen forums in groups in other parts of the industry, but what I’ve seen is that there’s a lot of discussion, but then everyone goes their own way to figure out how the To do.

The goal is to deliver information in a way that ensures consistent execution, Tagra said. To do this, he said that “…In the first year of 2022, I would like to enroll 20 to 25 participating parties – a mortgage company or a bank – in this and really build on that. One of the things that Azimuth brings to everyone is a golden source of regulations, statutes, content – ​​how to execute this. do not another product out there that creates this; you’ll get data sources – like AllRegs, LexisNexis – but as far as doing anything meaningful… that’s something we bring to the table.

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Indeed, the company boasts of being “…the first and only company to codify all federal and state laws on a single platform, forever changing the culture of compliance by automating the manual labor of compliance once done on paper spreadsheets”.

The CEO said he expects a soft launch of the enhanced product at the MBA Maintenance Solutions Conference and Expo scheduled for February 22-25 in Orlando, Florida, with an official launch this summer at where another regulatory compliance conference is scheduled. “We’re not going to issue a press release yet,” he said. “We’re going to identify some of the people we know in the industry, have a little dinner and set the goals and how we’re going to set them.”


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