Exclusive: ‘Keep Movin’, Movin’, Movin’…’ – Ghela “The Boss” Boskovich, Financial Data and Technology Association in “Buckaroos 2022”


Step aside! Step aside! Twitter royalty is taking over! Our next explosive badass buckaroo is none other than fintech’s best, Ghela Boskovich – or Ghela B for his fans. Boskovich has an INSANE band
of experience and projects in progress! Deep in the Wild West, we see her herding a million head of cattle like an old hand and directing all operations. As we started typing, even the sound of the keyboard sounded like “Head ’em up!” Raise them! Rawhide!”

Founder, activist and broadcaster of good vibes

Now we love Boskovich for a number of reasons. We’re obsessed with how she teamed up with Helene Panzarino – the Scale-Up witch who featured in our 2020 Swashbucklers edition – to create Collab.

“We’ve found a way to help institutions quickly build proof-of-concepts and commercialize fintech engagements,” says Boskovich.

And we love how Boskovich boldly campaigned against PSD2 reauthentication requirements.

“I am also incredibly pleased with the results of a year-long campaign to show the detrimental damage that the PSD2 90-day reauthentication requirement is doing to competition, which the FCA acknowledged in its first consultation of 2021. “, points out Boskovich. “The market is now ready to move from re-authentication to renewal of consent, which is much more consumer-friendly and gives much-needed relief to fintechs.”

Is there anything this Buckaroo can’t do? But what we love most about the vivacious Ghela B — the glorious icing on the ridiculously good fintech cake — is its all-out, all-consuming mission for diversity and inclusion in the industry. YES BOSKOVICH! We are SO behind you!

“People are at the heart of fintech and financial services,” Boskovich begins. “The system itself is a reflection of those who contribute to it. Inclusiveness matters, diversity improves outcomes, empathy and humanity changes systems. Helping to change attitudes towards embracing these truths is something that means a lot to me”.

That’s it. Someone gives us “Ghela B for President” jackets. We have a new idol in town.

Mixing poetry and fucking good tweets

When Boskovich isn’t busy radically revolutionizing regulations, sparking start-ups, or campaigning for common decency, she can be found brainstorming ideas with other fintech legends. On what first drew her to the industry, “the endless exciting conversations and people who wanted to change the world became addictive,” she reveals.

“My fascination with everything related to fintech was born from there”. And little has changed, even today. We asked hottie Boskovich about her favorite fintech thing. “A culmination of moments of true connection and shared energy, where hearts open, minds expand and new ideas take root.” Is it just us, or did it sound more like a beautiful poem than an answer to an interview? Well done Boskovich!

This article was published in “Buckaroos 2022”, Page 14


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