EXCLUSIVE: Sayantani Ghosh on the major financial crisis: I had no job, had to sell all my houses and move to a rented house


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Becoming a star is one thing and staying a star in the entertainment industry is another. The struggle from one job to another project seems to go on for years, and you’re considered lucky if you’re never unemployed as an actor. When we sat down for a candid chat with actress Naagin Sayantani Ghosh who is one of the famous faces on TV, she revealed that she went through a bad financial crisis in life where she had to sell her house.

Sayantani told Bollywood Bubble, “Right now my show just ended, so I told my friends that I’m a bit depressed, anyway when your show ends, you feel a bit boring. This year mostly started on a bag note for me. First I had Covid, then I found out my show was ending. So I was talking to my friends but they were like ‘You relax, tujhe toh dusra show mil jaayega. You are very blessed’ Of course I have immense gratitude for what God has given me but I have also seen up close that if my friends say that, what will the rest of the fellowship say.

Gosh said:It’s not like that though, behind getting a show there’s a lot of permutations and combinations, struggles. I always say wrestling is a very relative word. Where I’ve gone I can’t go below, so there are struggles.

The Naagin star has opened up yet again about going through a horrific financial crisis, “There was this whole period of a year and a half when I was completely jobless. So I had my own wrestling story. I was a girl who came from Kolkata and until I was 24 , Naagin came along, people noticed this girl was there. Now, thanks to the creation of social media, we see that everyone can dance and wear makeup. Overall, the industry noticed me that ‘there’s a girl from Bengal, she came and in two years I was on a high. I had my own vehicle, I had my own house and on paper I had three other houses. Coupe to, within a year and a half, I had to move to a rented apartment because it was the wrong time I saw, I had to sell everything because Naagin, unfortunately, got The industry behaved in a different way then than it behaves now so if you did an X show they say we can’t imagine you yet ner in another character. So there were downtimes between shows.

Check out the full conversation with Sayantani Ghosh below:

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