Hashtag Trending September 6 – IRS accidentally releases financial data; TikTok denies data breach; Amazon closes two service centers


The IRS accidentally leaks financial data, TikTok denies the data breach, and Amazon shuts down service centers to save money.

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The United States Internal Revenue Service had a bad case of butter fingers when it accidentally released confidential information on 120,000 taxpayers. According to the Wall Street Journal, the leaked data came from Form 990-T, which details certain business income for retirement plans. Information such as names, contact details and financial information was displayed. Other sensitive information such as social security numbers and complete tax returns were thankfully not part of the leak. The IRS attributed the problem to a human coding error that linked the data to public data. For now, the issue is under investigation and the data has been removed from public view.

Source: the wall street journal

Panic spread over the holiday weekend when a hacker allegedly stole data from two billion users of the social media app TikTok. The rumor started on an online forum post, in which an online user claimed responsibility and posted some home folder images. But in a statement to Forbes, TikTok responded that it found no evidence of a security breach. Although its users may breathe a sigh of relief, cybersecurity researchers still recommend caution, urging users to change their account password and enable two-factor authentication.

Source: Forbes

Amazon’s latest decision confirms that the company is looking to cut costs wherever it can. In the wake of closing its telehealth division, Amazon announced the closure of two delivery stations in Baltimore. The two factories employ more than 300 people. As part of the shutdown, Amazon says it will give them the ability to relocate to other delivery stations. Reductions in expansion are also observed in other areas. The company has postponed the opening of a huge 700,000 square foot warehouse in Nebraska until 2024.

Source: Business Intern

Apple users are now the majority in the United States, accounting for more than half of mobile devices used. The numbers come from Counterpoint Research, which drew its conclusion from the “active install base,” a metric that counts the number of smartphones in use. This news, along with its strong financial performance, puts Apple at a strong competitive advantage over its Android rivals, like Samsung and Lenovo. The company is expected to launch its new iPhone 14 tomorrow. Stay tuned for our coverage.

Source: FinancialTimes

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