Kambli received a job offer, now the financial crisis will disappear


Vinod Kambli, a former cricketer in the midst of a financial crisis and close friend of Sachin Tendulkar, received a job offer. Sandeep Thorat, a businessman from Maharashtra offered him a position in the finance department of his company Sahyadri Udyog Group with a salary of Rs 1 lakh per month.

However, Vinod Kambli has not yet given an answer regarding this offer. Suffice to say that the former Team India cricketer had mentioned his financial situation in an interview given at noon 5 days ago. He said he was unemployed and looking for work. He currently lives on the basis of a pension of Rs 30,000 from the BCCI.

Chain-bracelet missing, laptop screen too footy During the interview with Mid Day, Kambli’s look has changed a lot. Known for his look and style, Kambli has been seen sporting a white beard. He had neither gold chain around his neck, nor bracelet and watch in his hand. Even the screen of his mobile phone was seen broken.

I have tried Kismat in many professions

Vinod Kambli played the last international match in 2000. Since then, he tried his hand at many professions, but he did not succeed anywhere. He also appeared in a few films with Sanjay Dutt. He has done movies like Pal Pal Dil Ke Saath, Aaj Ka Yugandhar and Anarth. Later, he also made commercials. Finally did some coaching. He also joined a political party. The last time he coached a Mumbai T20 League team was in 2019.

Partnership with Sachin

During his school days, Kambli caused a stir in the cricketing world by sharing a record 664 runs with Sachin Tendulkar. In that record-breaking partnership from 34 years ago, Vinod Kambli scored 349 points and Sachin Tendulkar scored 326 undefeated. Not only that, Kambli had scored 793 points in his first seven games. Kambli’s current situation is measured by the fact that he is ready to do any job on the pitch.


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