Pyth partners with Auros for real-time financial data delivery


Auros, a leader in algorithmic trading and market making, has announced a partnership with the Pyth Network. The collaboration will facilitate real-time high-frequency data transmission. With Auros’ sophisticated high-frequency trading system as its source, Pyth will have access to pricing data for a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Partnership leverages the best of Auros and Pyth

This business-to-business collaboration is intentional and designed to play to each other’s strengths. Pyth’s network of over 70 data providers makes it the best oracle solution for latency-sensitive financial data and facilitates increased on-chain institutional trading. On the other hand, Auros integrates with more than 60 different exchanges, including controlled and decentralized markets. Collectively, these markets carry over $1.5 trillion in daily trade, giving them a significant share of the global market.

The addition of Auros premium pricing data will enhance Pyth’s ability to provide aggregated data to multiple blockchains. Auros hopes that by making its high-frequency trading data available to a decentralized on-chain ecosystem, it can encourage the development of innovative approaches to user funding that will ultimately benefit everyone.

To make prices highly responsive to market changes, Auros aggregates a wide range of source data, filters it for quality and accuracy at sub-second intervals, and then updates prices. All of the company’s core offerings, from providing long-term liquidity for joint ventures to high-frequency trading and arbitrage, use this information.

Financial data that doesn’t support even a few milliseconds of latency is normally kept in “walled gardens” at large financial institutions, but the Pyth Network offers an alternative. Pyth aggregates and publishes over 90 price feeds for cryptocurrencies, stocks, currencies, and metals at sub-second rates, making this information accessible across blockchains via the Wormhole communication protocol. The company has grown significantly since its inception, now handling over $25 billion in trading volume.


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