Transforming the financial industry with AI-powered solutions


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool widely deployed in financial services. It has great potential for positive impact if companies deploy it with enough diligence, caution and care. AI in financial services improves efficiency and productivity through automation; reduces human biases and errors caused by psychological or emotional factors and improves the quality and conciseness of management information by spotting either anomalies or longer-term trends that cannot be easily detected by reporting methods current. V2R Limited is one such company that provides AI-powered financial services.

V2R Limited’s services include financial accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, procurement processes, management accounting and program projects. Its management as a service uses specialist skills as needed to reduce delivery costs, turnaround times and recovery, help businesses stabilize through their approach, enable them to return to precedents and beyond.

The journey from creation to today

Registered by the UK in May 2018, V2R was initially established as a business support service in the areas of finance and project management, but the company has taken an ethical stance to support start-ups. ups and SMBs globally by developing startup programs and providing a one-stop-shop into the only digital ecosystem platform any business needs.

Visionary leaders

The vision for the new company is co-created by Stéphane Metral and Paul Young who offer a wide range of innovative solutions designed together in an ever-evolving unified solutions platform. Stéphane is the architect of the digital ecosystem behind the platforms made available to allow embryonic and new businesses to have all the tools in one place to manage and manage their business at an easily affordable cost.

Additionally, the company’s business support services provide assurance in specialist areas such as finance. Paul is a talented, values-driven professional who is a visionary and strategic leader capable of translating business strategies to achieve and maximize results always in the best interests of all stakeholders. He is an expert in achieving positive change through a collaborative, people-driven program approach followed by process and technology. He has strong financial and IT expertise, including budgeting, analysis, ERP delivery and architecture design. He is also very sociable; a qualified Servant Leadership Coach ensuring alignment of values ​​with purpose and empowering people to live their lives and enjoy their work. Paul has a proven track record of delivering significant efficiency while maintaining quality.

Paving the way for innovation

V2R’s solutions and services use AI/ML and RPA at their core, a non-theoretical but real-world application of these tools to help businesses manage and make better decisions.

An example would be the use of AI/ML in lead generation which helps companies better identify their ideal customer. Or leave management approvals, any human-made decisions that can be modeled and designed.

Platforms and solutions are constantly learning and using flowcharts and mind mapping tools to convert this conscious thinking of business models into business logic and framework design for businesses.

Disruptive technologies are at the heart of companies that want to be as efficient and effective in order to grow and gain that competitive advantage. These technologies are considered essential for any business to reduce some of these error-laden manual tasks.

V2R provides the only 100% open API platform available in 12 languages ​​that encompasses the entire business lifecycle and enables seamless communication and collaboration. With over 370 integrations right now, it has plenty of tools that businesses need with a competitive monthly fee for what’s on offer to jump-start your business journey. It provides start-ups and SMEs with tools that previously would represent a considerable drain on the budget. For the same activities performed by HubSpot tools for $2600 per monthly user, Unified solutions, for example, do the equivalent for ten times less, customers can reallocate the budget where it is most needed (on resources HR for example).

Facing challenges head-on

The main challenge V2R faced was getting the word out to the world and especially to those who were getting started in their businesses. It’s an interesting dynamic dealing with entrepreneurs and their unique purpose and the challenge of expanding their perspectives. The company struggled to explain that it does not develop AI/ML products (to replicate or be inspired to develop its own variant) that it has that actually uses this technology.

Success quotients

So far, V2R is in the early stages of development and customer feedback has been positive, and it has all the business tools businesses could need. It made collaboration and communication seamless within their companies and lightened their workload with the underlying AI and ML. As a result, the adaptability and flexibility of the platform shapes their business. Investors and venture capitalists can track the progress made through the strategy through to the execution of their investments.

The future with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence in finance is transforming the way we interact with money. AI is helping the financial industry streamline and optimize processes ranging from credit decisions to quantitative trading and financial risk management. This is just the beginning for V2R, as it wants to invite entrepreneurs, start-ups and SME CEOs around the world to partner up and help them succeed.


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