VIB’s Virtual Financial Advisor Debuts


VIETNAM, July 26 –

HÀ NỘI — Vietnam International Bank (VIB) has launched its virtual financial advisor – Vie – with an official music video titled “Vie is AI”.

According to VIB, Vie was built with cutting-edge modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and 3D simulation.

Virtual characters in marketing are an effective alternative to real people, and these characters can be easily changed to match a brand’s campaign. In Việt Nam, the virtual character, a financial adviser, is barely appearing on the market.

VIB said it developed Vie to bridge the gap between users and the bank. At the same time, Vie will help promote banking products and services to Vietnamese customers in a different, exciting and accessible way.

The VIB representative said that there were three main steps in creating Vie: creating the look and personality, creating 3D characters from many different sketches, and automatically simulating Vie with technologies popular in Hollywood, such as 3D simulation, facial capture and motion capture. VIB is one of the first brands to apply motion capture in the virtual character creation process in Việt Nam.

Building look and personality

VIB developed Vie’s appearance based on analyzing and updating beauty trends. For example, Vie has a smooth, plump face that should bring a sense of closeness to customers. Vie’s hair has two highlight curls with VIB’s signature color. This hairstyle, her piercing eyes and her heart-shaped lips built Life with the modern beauty of Vietnamese youth.

Vie knowledge is constantly updated with unlimited learning capacity through user interaction using AI technology. VIB’s Virtual Financial Advisor will deeply understand trends in finance, technology and youth style.

Life is also built with an intelligent and dynamic personality. This is reflected in the way he communicates with clients, students, office workers, businessmen and financial experts with impressive phrases.

3D modeling

Each of Life’s movements was collected from real people. Based on the actor’s markers, facial capture technology was applied to record all facial activities based on emotions and body movements, creating the most realistic image. For example, the way the face rotates as the body rotates, the way the hair moves, and the way the clothes change are all very realistic.

At the same time, the expressions of Life are collected using an optical camera. When the actor’s face changes expression, the optical camera fully records and learns to simulate Vie’s face according to the actor’s marks. Machine learning enables Vie to intelligently analyze and self-learn; when there is enough data, it can make different 3D expressive suggestions.

Automatic simulation

All of Life’s expressions and movements are automatically simulated and learned through facial capture technology. This technology analyzes every movement and presentation of the actor and then helps Vie automatically learn to perform facial muscle movements that bring out the most realistic expressive nuances. With this technology, the more Life knows, the more flexible and realistic it becomes.

Motion Capture technology and facial capture are used together to synchronize Vie’s actions and facial expressions with the actor. Thanks to the markers on the face of a real person, the technology will automatically simulate the look of Vie.

Using hyper-realistic 3D technology, Vie’s skeletal system is attached to a set of 256 blending shapes, which is a new technology in Asia, even in the film industry.

Thanks to a technology that synchronizes the face and body of real people, each of Vie’s gestures and actions are very realistic despite being a virtual character, which will be shown in the music video.

Vie’s movement and expression is very realistic, completely different from the 3D character available in Việt Nam years before. In addition, surreal 3D technology also brings optimal efficiency, allowing VIB to develop more Vie videos and images optimally in terms of time and graphic quality.

Following the debut of the “Vie is AI” music video, VIB will host a talk show featuring details about the virtual financial advisor. Users can learn more about this virtual character at the upcoming event or quickly meet and chat with Vie on social media platforms.

During the event, stories about VIB credit cards, such as instructions on how to open the card and how to use it, will be delivered. Life will also help participants manage their finances effectively, for example when using credit cards.— VNS


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