Your personal and financial data are constantly used

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Your personal and financial data are constantly used. Some of these uses are permitted and some are not. Rep. Larry Bucshon, a Republican representing Southwest Indiana in DC, is helping review a bill that could help protect your data.

“Today, it is difficult for Americans to go about their daily lives without some form of data about them being collected, stored, and used by businesses or government entities around the world,” Bucshon said, speaking to the House Energy and Commerce Committee about the American Data Protection and Privacy Act.

The act is essentially a federal privacy law that, by law first, minimizes the type of data and the amount of data that can be collected, even with permission.

It also clarifies that certain types of data cannot be collected at all without a warrant or express permission, including: biometric information, genetic information, aggregate internet browsing and search history, physical activity information and the transfer of precise geolocation information to third parties.

Social security numbers, password information, and non-consensual intimate images are

subject to additional restrictions.

“Over the past ten years, we’ve seen too many cases of my constituent’s data controllers not having adequate internal systems and safeguards for the data they use, which is why I’m glad the project includes privacy-by-design guidelines that consider things like company size, types of data collected, and associated risks,” the congressman said.

The bill is only under consideration and has been criticized by some advocacy groups for not being strong enough.


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